Saturday, March 13, 2010

A New Kind of Mission Trip

Spring break mission trips have been a staple for churches and colleges for years. I have led and participated in many over my years. Last year I joined Lisa Holmlund in an eye-opening high school trip that went south to Los Angeles, San Diego, then north to San Francisco and Sacramento, exploring the multiple ways Christians did mercy and justice locally. We ended up getting a personal tour of San Quentin Prison!!
This year Lisa ramped it up and is focussing on what innovative ministries and missions are going on in Las Vegas; from the drain people to triple-x church. It happens to correspond with Covenant church planting initiatives in Las Vegas as well. So look here for postings of their latest discoveries!


At 3:46 PM , Anonymous Rick in Texas said...

Awesome trip. When we were in Lansing I took confirmation students to Chicago where they would see the breadth of North Park, JPUSA, and Willow Creek! Talk about variety! Then they would catch the idea that it was all God's work in varied ways.

The ECC is doing some planting in Vegas? Cool! I have a friend who has pastored a chruch there for years.

At 8:22 PM , Blogger donnjohnson said...

Rick; they are planning to start 3 churches there over time. Call the PSWC for details!


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