Thursday, March 25, 2010

Observing Grief

This has been a momentous season for me; officiating at and watch all three children get married and launch their own independent lives. Watching my mother-in-law and father die. Experiencing the vulnerability of being in a fire zone and the helplessness as massive fires spread and move through a community.
Now I'm observing my son and daughter-in-law grieve a good friend and peer, Peder Hedberg who died too young. I recall viscerally my first experience of a friend's death, Greg Abelson, at about their age. Death belongs to old people, not vibrant and active young people. Death belongs to strangers in far away places, not to those in active videos and bubbling laughter. Death should be anonymous, not have familiar names attached.
But we know it does and it robs innocence and leaves scars, first in the hearts of his parents and family who never expected to bury a son. Then among his healthy and active friends who will feel pain deeper than they ever had before. And so it must be. Thanks be to God who alone brings us victory over this enemy.


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