Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Dad's Candles

A love of candles was something my dad passed on to me, and probably to my sister and brother as well. A candle was always lit in his study and near his reading chair at home. He scrounged candle stubs from church, filling box after box over the years. These are nice, beeswax candles that burn well. When they moved from their condo into the Covenant Retirement Community, I think he broke the rules by lighting candles. But he did give away boxes (yes plural) of candles to me. That was ten years ago. I moved my last box of candles with me to Santa Barbara in 2005, and it still has a number of candles left. Today I lit a new candle in my office and thought of Dad.

The lone flame is quieting and calming. I don't have it lit while having conversations or meetings. It's just for me while reading, praying and writing. I think of it as a reminder of the Holy Spirit's presence with me. So I'm sure when this box runs out, and all of Dad's candles are gone, I'll start scrounging up my own stash of candle-stubs. Kids, watch out for what you might inherit from your dad!


At 2:12 PM , Blogger tim johnson said...

I still have a box in the basement of Dad's stash. Thick white wedding candles.


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