Saturday, April 03, 2010

Giving Church Another Chance

I have had to learn to swim differently in California. I swam competitively in high school and college in clear pools with defined lanes and lines. We swam in straight lines with smooth strokes and faces underwater. That does not work in the ocean with waves and kelp beds and currents. A good friend who is a distance, ocean swimmer taught me how to swim again, with my head up and a different kind of stroke. I had to re-learn swimming.
Todd Hunter had to re-practice the Christian faith. In his 2010 book "Giving the Church Another Chance; finding new meaning in spiritual practices" he narrates an insider's journey through various churches, denominations and leadership roles. He began as a Methodist, then Calvary Chapel, then Vineyard, then a desert period of re-evaluation. This is not a mud-slinging book at the mistakes in his prior churches, but a grateful tribute to leaders and mentors, and a confession of his own spiritual shallowness. He stepped out of the organized church for a period of time, only to be drawn back into the Anglican Mission in America.
What I so appreciated about Hunter is his invitation to look at what is already in practice in most churches, and re-practice them with new eyes and new hearts. His 10 chapters would be a great tool for a discipleship group.
Thanks Todd...Christ is risen!


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