Saturday, April 24, 2010

Holy Spirit Leading: the No's

Acts 16:6-15 is a great text illustrating how the Holy Spirit guiding Paul, Silas and Timothy through Asia Minor into Macedonia...with a lot of no's. Paul's original plan was to extend church planting in Asia Minor, but he was blocked till he arrived at Troas where he heard the call in the vision: Come and Help Us!
There are often a lot more no's than yes's. Most of us have experienced more failures than successes, more losses than wins, more defeats than victories. But isn't that God's way? I'm a lot more teachable during and after losses than in the midst of wins and victories. It seems that hubris is so close at hand when I win, and mercy and grace are closer when I lose.


At 7:11 PM , Blogger tim johnson said...

Isn't it interesting how athletes sometimes point a finger to the heavens in thanks after a touchdown, a home run, or whatever...but not after being tackled, struck out, or slammed into the boards. Maybe more people need to sing this old hymn: "Thank for roses by the wayside and the thorns their stems contain.."


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