Thursday, April 01, 2010

Pope and Sex Abuse

I read with sadness the daily articles about the growing scandal of sex abuse within the Roman Catholic Church around the world. On the one hand I am not surprised at the human condition. We are frail and vulnerable creatures and whatever our clothing, nationality, or religion, we are tempted and sometimes yield to temptations.
But the two worlds collide when it comes to accountability and transparency. As I read the articles, I wonder "Don't they get it? Doesn't Pope Benedict get the fact that he is losing world-wide credibility here?" And then I wonder "Do I get it? Do I get how deep is the system within the church that shields the Pope from that very accountability I take for granted?" He is the "head of state" of a different kind of political entity not unlike a king or queen. I'm not sure either of us "gets it."


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