Thursday, May 13, 2010


The kids arrive with nervous anticipation. Parents and grandparents have a proud glow about them. This is a good-news night. The food was fabulous: tri-tip, salads, toasted bread, baked beans, salsa, a desserts!

Then the time came for Bible memory and the students stumbled through some of the books and nailed others. Martha led then through a journey of the wall. Each week the students collaborate with Martha to construct one picture summarizing the weekly lesson. So on the wall last night we had a visual representation of two years of confirmation: OT & NT.

Then the three graduates read their papers: What is Salvation, What are the Effects of Sin, What is Sin? We sat in stunned silence as these 8th graders wrangled with deep descriptions and consequences of sin and salvation. For me it is epiphanous; they get it. They are "confirming" a faith that is their own.

When the papers were done, I had them stand in the front to receive blessing from their parents, grandparents, and fellow students. That's when it gets emotional, hearing the words of encouragement for the journey.

Is this a great job or what?


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