Friday, May 14, 2010

Seth Godin's "Linchpin"

Are you reading Seth Godin's blog yet? Bookmark it now. Read it several times a week. His is a gold-standard blog because it's short, compact, to-the-point and stimulating. Seth makes you think about your assumptions and practices. He challenges the status-quo. And as a pastor, he is a gift.
When I saw his book Linchpin at the bookstore. I immediately picked it up and read it over the last couple of days. The question is: are you a linchpin in your organization or a cog? Do you stand out as being indispensable or replaceable? Is your brain run by and artist or a lizard? Do you need a map or do you draw maps? Are you about taking or giving? He closes with the 7 abilities of linchpins:
1. they provide a unique interface (I personally don't like that word) between members of the organization.
2. they deliver unique creativity.
3. they can manage situations or organizations of great complexity.
4. they lead customers.
5. they inspire other staff.
6. they provide deep domain knowledge.
7. the possess a unique talent.

Be sure to read this book with a marking pen for all the great quotes!


At 10:45 AM , Anonymous Rick said...

I get Seth's blog posts in my email box each day. Today's was especially good - who do you work for?

But - serious Q for pastors - are we supposed to be indispensable or replaceable? Jesus is the only indispensable one in the church, no?

At 1:15 AM , Blogger Isaac Johnson said...

don't get hung up on the word interface. Interface, as far as programming languages go, is THE contract between things that wish to use your entity (like a Java class) and the outside world. An interface says "here is what i provide and i promise if you give me these inputs, i'll give you a meaningful output" (or fail "gracefully", yes, "gracefully" is the term used in software). Just something to think about.


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