Sunday, June 06, 2010

Morning Routine

There is a special quiet to my mornings in France. It’s still dark at 5:30 when I wake without an alarm clock. I close the bedroom door where Martha still sleeps and pad into the kitchen/dining room. I light a candle, start the coffee and begin my routine.

This morning I read for two and a half hours before Martha woke up. I consumed several cups of Rwandan coffee. What happened this morning is what I asked many of your to pray for: sustained thought. I read totally focused on the texts in front of me; first the Gospel of Luke, which I am reading straight through again. Then a history of the “French Wars of Religion: 1562-1629”, then the manuscript I am working on regarding the questions of God.

As much as I love the internet, wifi, my iPhone, email, instant messaging and the New York Times, being cut off is good for me. Being inaccessible and uninterruptible is freshening my mind and my heart. It’s not that I don’t want to hear from you (I have not spoken on a phone, except once, since June 2!) but I found that I was craving interruptions and instantly responding to emails. I was my own worst enemy. I am enjoying silence right now, with no music, tv, or cell-phone chirping.

What would happen if I brought home an electronic Sabbath? What if I would not turn on my iPhone all day Sunday and did not open up my lap-top for the whole day (or maybe more appropriate for me, Monday which is my designated Sabbath)? I tried in the past, but rationalized my way into answering the phone for family and friends and doing emails with the excuse that it kept them from piling up on Tuesday. Isn’t that the same kind of excuse for not honoring the Sabbath and getting work done because it is too important? Doesn’t our own sense of convenience trump honoring God by stepping away from electronic work and urgencies?

What would your Sunday be like with no email or meetings? No shopping or housework? No homework or cleaning? What would happen if you just worshiped and then played, rested, read, napped?


At 12:20 PM , Blogger drgtjustwondering said...

Amen, friend. Excellent word. Worship went well today - John brought a good word, we received new members and shared the Lord's table. Isabella Faith Greco was welcomed (born very early Friday a.m.) with a rosebud, and all is well. I am done in now, but grateful I could be there with the community. Many, many blessings of uninterrupted quiet, times of extended focus, renewal, recreation, rejuvenation.

At 7:11 PM , Blogger Isaac Johnson said...

now we come with lithium batteries and backlit screens bwahahah.. i promise to keep the computer(s) off as often as possible. the idea of being pas-signal for over a week is daunting. glad to know you have good brew awaiting (wish i had remembered to pack my pipe). - i @ LAX

At 8:36 AM , Anonymous Fred said...

I continue to wonder if we - me included - remember the Sabboth at all. A Sunday (or Saturday for those so inclined) just for rest and reflection on the wonder of God's universe and the joy of His salvation. No TV, no internet, no work or chores, no interuptions of "modern life". I'll try, I really will.


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