Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Sabbath Experiment

This was the second Monday I tried my e-Sabbath. What happened to me in France was an awareness of how poorly I take Sabbath rest. Basically God confronted me and asked how I can preach about the importance of Sabbath when I do not practice it. My situation is complicated by living on the church campus and the ease at which I can "stop in" church to get something and get caught up in good conversations. Then there is the issue of email, blogging, face-booking, and web-surfing. I LOVE doing that (as you can tell). So I decided to try something different. I turn off my phone (a lovely iPhone) Sunday night and do not turn it back on again until Tuesday morning after my devotions. I disable my lap-top's air-port, so I can write, but receive no emails or ability to surf the web. Two things have happened so far: I am able to read for longer periods and pray more without thinking about phone, voice-mail, or email. But, by late afternoon I develop a "twitch" to check facebook, write a blog or send (and receive) emails. Yesterday I was agitated for about an hour. That tells me it's worse than I thought. So I'd betted continue this experiment further.
If you need to reach me, the church office is open and they can find me for emergencies.


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Good for you!


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