Saturday, July 10, 2010

Some thoughts:

Each time I go away to France, I reflect on my stage and place in life. This year I have some thoughts on being who I am and where I am in life. At this point…

1. not wearing skin tight T-shirts with “hip” logos is a good idea

2. not having ears, nose or eye-brows pierced looks better

3. not needing to have the last word in most conversations is more gracious

4. success is more than a number

5. listening is more valuable than expressing

6. being “right” has limited value

7. winning arguments isn’t what it used to be

8. getting someplace fast is less valuable than going safely

9. pauses are good things

10. second helpings are not what they used to be

11. instant responses can get you in trouble more than waiting

12. feelings pass, take a breath

13. not knowing and being wrong is OK

14. history does matter

15. understanding others’ motives for their behavior is not that important

16. my solutions in the past are now problems that need fixing

17. a lot of new ideas are really pretty dumb

18. a lot of old ideas are also really dumb

19. the bathroom mirror in the morning makes you honest

20. no one completely “gets it”

21. great art and music are healing

22. the most important news is the weather

23. sports is just a game

24. I have enough, I don’t need more

25. waiting for others to get ready is a good habit

26. laughing with is better than laughing at

27. I will die, get over it

28. not that many people need or want my advice, especially my children

29. a reputation takes a long time to earn and a moment to lose

30. other people really are interesting

31. good wine is worth drinking now

32. the plat du jour is the best thing to order on the menu

33. little white lies aren’t

34. simple things really are beautiful

35. a good night of sleep does change things


At 5:18 PM , Blogger tim johnson said...

You have had a really, really good break haven't you. That was a refreshing list to read.

At 8:13 PM , Blogger Traveller said...

Yes, I LIKE this list. These are some things that I think God is trying to teach me, but I'm just starting to learn. Several apply to a situation I'm trying to figure out right now, but maybe "understanding others’ motives for their behavior is not that important" (15)...ooh, there are lots that apply. Thank you.


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