Sunday, August 01, 2010

All-Church Work Day

I know it's an old-fashioned concept, of having a work-day with lots of people showing up to do manual work at a church. We have professionalized much of physical plant care, and for many good reasons: cost-effectiveness and liability. We hire staff with skill-sets to take care of maintenance and repairs.
But on Saturday July 31 we held a work-day from 9-noon, expecting maybe a dozen people, and about twenty showed up. They washed and cleaned the vans, washed exterior windows, spread mulch, and painted sidewalks (among other things). What was great was how much got done by that many in a few hours. They campus noticeably shines! But an even better by-product was the number of conversations I overheard between strangers who were now working together and becoming friends.
It took a lot of organizing work on Mike Prather's (MCC's Sexton) part, but it was great!


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