Tuesday, August 24, 2010

On Jurying

What's your legitimate civic duty? I have not thought about that very much except in the areas of obeying laws and paying taxes (oh yeah, and voting). But yesterday and today I've been thrown into the arena of federal jury duty in LA. It means overnighting in a hotel and waiting, lots of waiting. I was called up for one trial, even put into the box, but excluded because of my relationships and pastoral orientation.

Now I'm back in the big jury room (with wifi) waiting for what comes next. What gets me is the way jurors are compelled (threatened) into service. We are herded around like elementary school students and by the time it's ready to go, many here are thoroughly irritated (not in my mind the best attitude for those judging a case).

But I'm here and willing to let the day run its course. Wait some more, we still have you, is there a better way?


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