Tuesday, August 10, 2010

VBS Missions....a new approach

I am privileged to work with a very cool and creative staff. I've been involved in summer-time VBS (vacation Bible school) for over 30 years. They follow a basic pattern: kids, music, games, crafts, snacks and a missionary project. Usually we draw from Covenant missionaries or projects. Sometimes we have brought in independent missionaries that our church supported. But I do not recall ever going local.
This year the leadership team and pastoral staff worked with a local ministry called Ufizzi Project headed by a former Covenant pastor, Jeff Schaeffer who is a champion for "friends without homes." This is a mission's project right here on our front door...and something most of us avoid facing other than complaining that they are a nuisance. Today Jeff brought a guy with him who told his story to the kids.
From the southeast USA, he moved to CA to find work and his car broke down with his fiance in Santa Barbara six months ago. He's been living in a tent, now house-sitting and soon enrolling in community college. He opened himself up to the kids' questions and they came fast and furiously, but honestly and eagerly. The missionary drive and offering this year is for socks for our friends without homes. I know one thing....I'm learning!


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