Saturday, September 18, 2010

Let's Take a Look!

There is no more terrifying phrase than “Let’s take a look” when it comes from a dentist or doctor. You know what’s going to happen. That discomfort you’ve been avoiding dealing with will now be looked at, scrutinized, diagnosed and addressed. And when it’s all over and the tests come back with good results, we feel so relieved. But it’s that moment of vulnerability and discovery that makes us nervous.

I suppose this image could be transferred to an accounting audit, a performance review, a solo recital, a house inspection, or any time we bring a professional in to help us with a problem. They always want to take a look.

In the text for Sunday, Luke 16:1-13 we hear the parable of the dishonest steward (or manager) whose master wants to take a look at the accounts he has neglected and squandered over a long period. I’ll be exploring how this is not a parable endorsing unethical conduct but it is a story of Jesus wanting to take a look at our lives. The question you can be thinking about as you prepare for worship is: What exactly is Jesus looking at when he looks at us?


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