Monday, September 06, 2010

Pastor as Thug or Monk?

When my kids went to college, I made it a practice to get a sweatshirt from all of the schools: Michigan Tech, North Park, Hope, University of St. Thomas. These, I thought, are very expensive sweat-shirts, thinking of the tuition, time and energy it takes to send children to college. And I have worn them proudly and equally over the years.
This past weekend, Liz wanted to buy me a sweatshirt from the school where she is enrolled in a Master's program; the University of St Thomas. So we shopped yesterday for a nice zippered "hoodie" to complement the other St. Thomas sweatshirt I have. But I did not try on the hood until this morning on the plane and discovered that the hood was really a "cowl" that covered almost my whole face. And when I pulled the drawstring, I shut out almost all available light enabling me to sleep sweetly. But I'm not sure if it looks like a monk's hood (makes sense from St. Thomas) or a thug's?


At 5:41 AM , Blogger PAD said...

Definietly a monk; but I wouldn't wear it into any banks if I were you. lol


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