Saturday, October 16, 2010

Why I Love the Church

As a child of a pastor married to another child of a pastor, with both families populated with pastors, we can get pretty cynical about church life. I've often said to someone who voices a complaint about the church that I can probably see you and raise you by a factor of four!
But in this season of my life, I am regularly surprised and delighted by the church. I am humbled by the church. Today was designated as the M-4 Walk-for-Water event. The four churches of Montecito walked a 2.5 mile route to raise funds and awareness of the need for freshwater wells and pumps in Ethiopia in partnership with World Vision. It's been cold, drizzly and grey for the last couple days here. This morning was not different. There were three other (at least) competing walks in our community. The economy is not conducive to fund-raisers. We are all tired. I lowered my expectations for the day. Dumb me!
About 125 people of all ages (one in a wheel-chair) showed up to see a compelling World Vision video about a 22 year old woman in Kenya named Sabina who walks several miles twice a day for water for her family. Then out we marched into the streets of Montecito. I led the first group and was buzzed by a cluster of girl-scouts who were excited to help fill the buckets when we finally hit the beach. The grey skies proved to be a blessing, keeping the temperature down. People walked at a relaxed gait, talking to their neighbors in the village and each other along the route. Every group had members of each of the four churches. While the final count of dollars raised is not yet in, this pastor got totally blessed by the body of Christ!


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