Saturday, October 02, 2010

World Communion Sunday: a servant feast

Expectations are gnarly things. I like to critique yours and protect mine. They are deeply embedded and carefully nurtured over time. You know when you hold one deeply when you find yourself responding strongly when that expectation is not met. These can range from tidiness to error free spelling, from common courtesy to punctuality, from compensation levels to professional titles and recognition. Often expectations are given moral armor when clothed as a right, even a civil right. I think it's right to expect to not be hit or yelled at. I think it's right to expect non-violent behavior from others and respect for other's property.
The question Jesus addresses in the text for Sunday (Luke 17:1-10) is Jesus' expectations for his disciples versus their expectations. He expects them (read us) to be bridges for others and not barriers. He expects them to be forgivers rather than resenters. He expects them to fully employ their mustard-sized faith. He expects them to show gratitude rather than expect gratitude.
It's great that this Sunday is World Communion Sunday, so that the whole focus rests on the Lord's Table, set by a servant for his servants.


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