Saturday, November 27, 2010

Advent #1: the vision thing

On bright sunny days, the vision thing is no big deal. We all know where things are and where things are going. But when the storms hit, the fog rolls in, and the highway dividing lines are erased by snow...the vision thing really matters. Turbulent times require leaders with clear vision and not wishful fantasies.
I think these are such times. Where our economy and culture is going is a cause of serious debate. I think many of the political visions are just too narrow and too short-term. My heart yearns for a bigger and deeper vision of where we need to be moving and heading. This is the season for the church to grasp the deeper vision of God for the world.
The text for the first Sunday in Advent, Isaiah 2:1-5 captures both the ancient and the future vision God has for his people. In the provocative new book by David Platt Radical; tacking back your faith from the American dream, he launched a salvo at me with the phrase "you were meant for something bigger than this!" "This" is the shallow vision, the narrow view, the short term of maintaining equilibrium, not rocking the boat, and maintaining the status quo. God's vision is much, much bigger than this. Advent is my season for recapturing God's vision for the church and for me.


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