Thursday, November 11, 2010

Advice to Pastors

I read an interesting quote from religion reporter Clark Morphew (1985) in Martin Marty's "Context" journal this morning:

Religion reporter Clark Morphew in 1985 wrote these words to pastors:

1. Keep one foot in your tradition and one foot in the slippery muck of life.

2. Do a careful exegesis of your text; then throw it away and write a sermon for the people.

3. Learn to laugh at yourself and give people permission to enjoy life.

4. Don’t tell stories that make you look better than you are.

5. Keep sermons short and use frequent illustrations.

6. Don’t offer advice you wouldn’t accept.

7. Tell your congregations guilt was made to be redeemed.

8. Read modern storytellers, religious magazines, and move into the congregation itself.

9. Set up clergy support groups.

10. Demand an adequate salary and generous vacations.


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