Monday, December 13, 2010

Staff Christmas Party 2010

Last Sunday we had the opportunity of hosting the annual staff Christmas party at our house. Everyone brought some delicious food and Martha cooked a southern ham. We spread out around the house at different tables, laughter filling the house. Then, after dessert, we gathered for silly-time, a raucous exchange of white elephant gifts with songs (or attempts at songs) matching the gifts. What I enjoyed most was the laughter that built and filled. Everyone joined in at the silliness and I sat in the corner where I took the picture, deeply grateful for a staff that knows how to play and love each other. Next year will be different with Diana retiring and Jon and Marianne teaching in France for a semester.
My friend Byron today told me a great truth: "Whenever someone offers you champagne, drink it. Always take the opportunity to celebrate!" While we did not have champagne, we did celebrate!


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