Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Compassion Funds at Work

On the first Sunday of each month, we take a door offering after worship that goes into MCC's Compassion Fund. This is a special fund accessed by the pastoral staff for emergency needs outside of the budget. Usually they are very confidential and personal (e.g. marital counseling or medical help). So we are not able to share the good news of how MCC Compassion Fund dollars are spent....until yesterday.
Compassion Funds helped buy the man to the right (Dr. Wayne Mellinger) a computer. Why? Wayne is a social worker who works on the street with Santa Barbara's homeless community, linking them to medical help, jobs and housing. Wayne has no office but his back-pack and bike. He is known and respected by most of the agencies and ministries working with the homeless in Santa Barbara.
Then his computer crashed. My son Isaac examined both the computer and hard drive and said he had never seen something so hard-used. Of course Wayne rides in all weather on his bike and the computer paid the price.
So Isaac went on the web and found this Panasonic "tough-book" that is made for punishment like Wayne gives his computer, loaded it with applicable software and got it up and running. Yesterday I met Wayne at Peet's Coffee across from the Art Museum and gave him this computer from you.....MCC members and friends.
No sooner than he opened it and got it running, than a friend of his came in. He grabbed her by the arm and said, "Do you know what Montecito Covenant Church just did for me? I don't even go there!" and on he went to talk about his work with Jon Lemmond and Bread of Life and others of you he knows.
So, thanks for being so generous!


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