Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Kelly on the camera

You all know about the Chicago snow storm. Something wonderful happened tonight because of it. Normally Wednesday night is the "free night" at the Midwinter for pastors to head off to concerts, sports events, long dinners with friends or to work on sermons. But since so many things were cancelled, the worship leadership offered a pretty spontaneous prayer concert.

Luke and the tech team decided to stream it live like the other nights. Now a live-streaming concert of prayer sounds about as exciting as watching paint dry. Luke drafted his wife Kelly to be the sole camera operator. It was a moving concert for me, interceding for all our Egyptian friends in Cairo.

But what happened was the stream back of prayer requests to the tech team here from all over the country, over 70. Paul Lessard, who acted as prayer leader, at the end instructed us to re-gather and pray for those requests that came in from Covenant friends during the evening. A full circle!


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