Saturday, February 05, 2011

Prayer of Thanks...for hands

One of my assignments for the Midwinter Conference was to write a number of prayers. One of which was for people who have been instrumental in our lives. So I got the image of the multitude of hands that have brought us from one place to the next over our years and wrote the prayer below. Several people have asked for it, so here it is for you to use as you wish.

Thank you Lord for those hands, those hands that carried us as babies, those hands that washed us and fed us, played with us and comforted us. Thank you Lord for those hands that led us across streets and down new school hallways. Thanks Lord for those hands that taught us how to hold musical instruments or sports equipment, those hands that propped up tippy bicycles or shaped ours around a basketball. Thanks Lord for those hands that welcomed us into church and opened Bibles to the right verses. Lord we are grateful for hands that illustrated your truths on blackboards and easels, notepads and restaurant napkins. Thank you O God for the hands that wrapped themselves around us when we prayed, confessed, committed and accepted. Lord we have been touched by so many good, blessed hands. We did not get here by ourselves, but have been led hear over the years by the hands of your servants.

Now Lord use our hands in the same way. Use our hands to bless, to comfort, to lead and to guide. Use our hands to encourage new believers and to bless exhausted disciples. Make our hands instruments of your heart and will. Put names in our hearts right here and right now of those who need your touch through us. Lord, we give you our hands in and through the name and hands of Jesus. Amen


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