Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Living in Montecito means knowing and abiding by very strict parking regulations, especially if you are a school or a church. Westmont College and MCC live under the guidelines of something called a "conditional use permit" CUP that guides everything from traffic flow, hours of operation, lumens of light we generate, sound control, and other uses of the space.
The upside of these stringent guidelines is real cooperation between the two institutions and a genuine desire to practice good neighborliness. So when it comes to parking, Westmont tells neighbors it controls which students get parking permits and which ones don't. Our church lot cannot be used for student parking for students living off campus or who did not register their cars.
So today a young woman drove to the far end of the lot in front of me and the office administrator (who was waving her hands in a "no" sort of way). After parking the car, she waved to a friend in another vehicle to pick her up, and they drove off to campus. Of course I had to call campus security who will come and issue a fairly costly ticket to the offender.
What's the deal? Both cars had overt stickers on them proclaiming a mission's organization! Would Jesus park illegally? Maybe it doesn't apply.


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