Saturday, April 23, 2011

Easter Glory....what do you see?

What do you see during Easter? Bunnies and candies cluttering shelves and aisles? Guest lists and menus for a grand meal? Family and friends coming together to worship and celebrate? A sanctuary decked out with flowers and great music?

I have seen three distinct sanctuaries for the past four days. On Thursday I saw a kneeling rail, foot washing basins, and communion supplies. I saw Jesus’ love for his disciples in the washing of their feet

I have seen the gory image of a shrouded cross, a stripped sanctuary and seven stark candles. I have reluctantly seen the cost of my sin and the price Jesus paid to restore me.

I have seen (and smelled) the wonderful lilies and other bright flowers that will fill the sanctuary. The colors will change from black to gold! And hopefully I will see you worshiping with us in a full sanctuary with family and friends.

What we see powerfully affects what we feel, do, and believe. The text for Easter Sunday is one of my favorites: Matthew 18:1-10. As you get ready for worship, read this familiar text over several times, lingering on all the words for “seeing”. What do you see?


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