Thursday, April 21, 2011

Holy Week roller coaster

You cannot fast-forward a roller coaster to get the the portions of the track you enjoy. No, you must experience a roller coaster sequentially, all the parts, as a whole. You cannot jump ahead.
That's the dilemma of Holy Week for pastors. Maundy Thursday must be prepared and experienced before Good Friday. And you can't really get in the spiritual space for Easter until Good Friday is done.
I know where all the services are going. All the music has been chosen and rehearsed. The bulletins and the graphics are all in place. Martha and Jeanne have the sanctuary set up beautifully for Maundy Thursday, Good Friday and the lilies are in another part of the church waiting to be turned loose to scent the sanctuary on Saturday morning.
So, while I'd love to get scrambling deeper into the Easter sermon right now, I need to wait and lead and preach through Maundy Thursday in a couple of hours. So I wait, and that's probably a good thing in and of itself.


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