Thursday, April 21, 2011

On Church Time

Growing up in St. Paul, Minnesota meant that Good Friday was a total holiday (schools, banks, many stores). As late as 1992 in Michigan we hosted community-wide Good Friday services from noon till 3:00 pm, with invited pastors, choirs and musicians doing marathon worship.
Liturgical churches kept track of time by colors of vestments and stoles and by the music sung. Today I notice an erasure of both Lent and Advent and a substitution for Lent as pre-Easter and Advent as pre-Christmas. Like my reflections below, we jump from holiday to holiday with little stringing time together than preaching/teaching series. Is that OK? Have we lost something as a church by not tying time together better. If regular worship attenders (according to Barna are in church 3 out of 8 Sundays), we have pretty big Sunday-gaps in our believing culture.
While I loved the "smells & bells" of my pastoral life in Minnesota, there is no going back and I wouldn't want to. But a clock would help.


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