Sunday, April 10, 2011

Sporadic Disciples

"Where is _____________? I haven't seen them in church for a while. " That's a conversation we have on staff more regularly now than in years past. We see a person or couple for several Sundays, then they are absent for several weeks (or months) then they are back in church again for another couple of weeks.
What's with this? Is it a broader societal issue than that of one congregation? Does the ease and expectation for travel mean we don't take long vacations but many long weekends? Does our lack of denominational connectedness added to the excellence of many para-church ministries mean that we have not cultivated the need for regular participation or leadership? Do we promote a climate of spiritual "grazing" where we consider ourselves part of a number of local congregations? Is the upcoming generation watching their parents' sporadic participation plant sporadic as the norm for church involvement? Is this the new normal? Is it necessarily bad?
The bottom line question for me these days is what does or does not help make disciples who make disciples? Where's the fruit?


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