Saturday, May 28, 2011

The Language of Greatness

Several years ago we visited Martha’s maid of honor who now lives outside of Heidelberg, Germany with her Italian husband and four children. Their daughter showed great interest in our coming from the intriguing state of California. She asked me if we spoke a different language in California. I immediately lied to her and said that we get by with one word here, the word “Dude”. I then went on to inflect the word as a question, greeting, approval, disapproval, exhaustion and I forget what all.
Years later the father, a strict lover of Italian, still holds it against me that I corrupted his daughter with the word “Dude.” But in a humorous way, it is a language spoken by a few beach people we all know.
Churches speak languages also. Some church languages are very ancient and classical, filled with poetry and response. Other churches speak the language of praise and high emotion. Still others use the words of prophets addressing the sins of the world and God’s kingdom demands. All of these “languages” have their appropriate time and use. But the mother-tongue for the Christian church is the language of forgiveness.
Sunday’s text (Matthew 18:21-35) completes Jesus’ discourse on community in Matthew 18. Jesus both describes and prescribes forgiveness. So in anticipation of worship Sunday, reflect on your own language of forgiveness. Who have you forgiven recently? Who has forgiven you? Where has it been both hardest and easiest to forgive? How frequent or rare is the language of forgiveness in your life?
See you Sunday!


1. MCC Memorial Day BBQ is Monday May 30. Fun begins at 9:30 at Cold Spring School for softball for all ages. At 11:30 the coals will be hot and ready for whatever you bring to grill (and a side dish to share for approximately 8). After eating, there will be the famous dessert auction with proceeds going to support youth trips and ministries.

2. MCC Solvang Theater Trip, June 25th to see Alfred Hitchcock’s “39 Steps” can still be signed up for ($26 adult, $18 child). Payment needs to be in by June 9th.

3. Inquirer’s Class is Sunday June 5 from 3:00 p.m.- 5:00 p.m. This is an opportunity to learn about life and ministry at MCC and our beliefs, values and direction. See Don Johnson for more information.

4. Budget Update as of May 25, 2011

a. Income Needed YTD: $283,462

b. Income Received (% of YTD needed): $227,517 (80.3%)

c. Expenses YTD (deficit): $243,044 ($15,527)


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