Thursday, May 05, 2011

National Day of Prayer

I'm not a large-group gathering kind of guy. I tried Promise Keepers in Minnesota twice, but 62,000 guys distracted me rather than encouraged me. My introverted side gravitates to smaller groups of people I trust. So while I promote and support things like prayer gatherings, prayer summits, and days of prayer, it's not where I naturally want to go.

This year I received a plea to come down and lead a portion of the prayer time at the Santa Barbara Courthouse sunken gardens. You can see the group gathered in clusters, broken up by pastors who read scripture and defined the topic.

In my group, composed of all guys, the last topic was the church. We were praying for the unity of the church and I voiced a prayer as a pastor for other pastors. Before I knew it, these strangers came forward in our standing circle and laid their hands on my shoulders and prayed fervently for me, asking for protection, encouragement, insight, joy, and courage. Before I knew it, tears were trickling down my cheek. I got hijacked by a totally unexpected blessing! How cool is that?


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