Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Church & Sausage Making

At a recent brainstorming meeting about adult discipleship possibilities, approaches and directions, a participant looked at me at the end of the meeting and said: "Oh, that's how it's done!" with genuine surprise. As a long-time attender, she enjoyed many church programs and activities over the years, but was never involved in the strategic planning until the other night.
When I asked what was surprising about the meeting, she said it was the wide gap between the theological/theoretical and the practical/administrative. Our conversation ranged from discussing what the nature of discipleship among us is to which room and what day of the week would be best for a certain gathering.
The evening was "messy" in that we did not arrive at a clear and concise program schedule, but more questions and options to consider. People were misunderstood and new ideas jockeyed with older methodologies that are well-loved and comfortable. But that's the church isn't it? It's a messy collaboration of saints and sinners, young and old, traditional and cutting edge, certain and risky.
We have our French friends staying with us for several weeks. One of the joys of their presence is the fabulous food Martha and Marylene cook up! But oh do they make a mess of the kitchen, using all sorts of foods and equipment. Ham sandwiches would be much neater and easier to manage, but nothing close to the tastes I get to experience (and clean up later with Yves).


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