Friday, June 17, 2011


Martha and I are not "Hollywood" types. Our enjoyment of California migrates to parks, beaches, long walks and quiet restaurants with friends. So when our friends from France wanted to see Hollywood, we took a deep breath and asked others the best way to do it. So yesterday, with great adventure, we packed up and drove (for my first time) in to Hollywood and found parking.

When we got to Hollywood Blvd, I was overwhelmed by the street energy and buzz. All the stars on the sidewalk and the hand/foot prints at Grumman's Theater. We too began searching for "our" stars. Note that Martha particularly gravitated to the "Munchkins" (wonder why?). After a couple hours wandering, we drove Sunset Blvd through Beverly Hills. That too was a really fun adventure, seeing mansions stacked up, side by side.

We found Rode Drive and turned left, meandering through quiet streets till we hit "the street" and saw all the shops made famous in "Pretty Woman", which all the women had seen. The slow moving traffic made it easy to gawk into one high priced boutique after another. We even saw a Bugatti Veyron parked on the other side of the street (a ridiculously expensive car!).

We turned right on Wilshire Blvd and they loved the high building elegance of Beverly Hills. But the trip ended at the best place of all, the Getty museum. We took the tram up and had a long, late, lingering lunch as the clouds broke and blue skies emerged. We saw some shows, but had the most fun in the creative gardens and fountains.


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