Sunday, June 19, 2011

Le Figuier Desseche

I have seasonal amnesia. My memory has been tied to seasons for so long, it hinders me here in California. It used to be easier for me to remember when something happened by pegging it to the weather. When a birthday party happened on a frozen lake, it was between December and February. When the church picnic had to move inside because the tornado sirens went off…that would be late Spring or early Summer.

When something happens here in Santa Barbara, the temperature is somewhere around 70 degrees and cloudy or sunny….all year long. So I’m not always sure what season we were in when something happened. But the upside to seasonal amnesia (of the Santa Barbara variety) is that something is growing, blooming and producing all year long! It takes a good gardener in Santa Barbara to know when something is in season or out of season. In the Midwest, it’s not so hard. Everything goes fallow at the first frost.

In the text for this coming Sunday, our guest preacher, Rev. Yves Pizant, is preaching from Mark 11:11-24 in French. Dr. Marianne Robins will be translating for him, so regardless of your ability in French, you will hear and understand the sermon. The question Yves will be addressing is the “season” our lives are in now. How do you know what spiritual season you are in? If someone asked you, what season would you say describes where you are right now? I know I’m looking forward to Yves’ energy and love as he brings us the good news Sunday.

Why is Yves preaching? Yves and his wife Marylene have allowed us to stay in their summer home in France in our every-other-year pilgrimage to France. Over 10 years we have become close friends and he has invited me to preach at the church he serves in a little village called St. Jean du Gard. It’s both a high privilege and deep joy to be invited to preach in a friend’s church and in a different culture. So when we heard of their plans to visit us, I extended the invitation and he accepted immediately.


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