Saturday, June 11, 2011

Smell of Peace

What are the smells that bring you most joy. What are the smells that put you in a really good place? We talked about that at the staff meeting this week and it was hard to stop the conversation once we began because we all have “smell-stories.” Camp fires, chocolate chip cookies in the oven, fresh bread, lilacs, fresh brewed coffee (me!), even odd smells like mothballs and cigarettes, all generated powerful stories of loved ones in our memory.

Some research suggests that our olfactory system is directly tied to that part of the brain where memory is stored. This has a protective value in reminding us of smells that are dangerous (rotting meat and poisons) and those that are safe (home nest, good food). But don’t be worried about coming to church on Sunday to be assaulted by smells.

The setting for Sunday is John 20:19-23, where the disciples were gathered in the upper room with “…the doors locked for fear…” There is a “smell” of fear. The disciples had it. Jesus entered that room of fear and breathed on them this blessing: “Peace be with you.” That’s the “smell” Jesus brings; the “smell” of peace.

As you prepare for worship on Sunday, reflect on what aroma, what smell, Jesus brings to your life.


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