Friday, July 29, 2011

Matthew 14: 13-21

You know that sinking feeling: you invited someone for a meal and when the bill came, you had no cash or credit card. You are driving on a trip, enjoying the conversation and the scenery and the red gas light begins to flash and the nearest station isn’t for miles ahead! You had a very busy day (maybe week) and the leader of the meeting you are attending asks if everyone read and printed out the documents he sent earlier in the week?

I do not like being unprepared, ill equipped, or insufficient. I like having at least a half-tank of gas at all times, an extra tin of coffee in the cupboard, at least a $20 bill in my pocket, and time in the day for a relaxed cup of coffee. But the sad case for many of us is that we are chronically running out of time, money, energy, and hope. The swirl of events and the constant demands on our time leave many of us aware of all that we did not get done and remains on the waiting list (maybe even past due).

The Gospel is particularly good news for those of us who are overwhelmed by the needs and expectations of others and underwhelmed by our own resources and capabilities. You are invited to read Matthew 14: 13-21 to get ready for worship this Sunday. It’s a very familiar story (told in all four Gospels) of Jesus feeding the 5,000. In what ways do you identify with the disciples? Get ready for good news!




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