Saturday, July 30, 2011

When Church Converts

It's almost noon on a Saturday. The parking lot is half full of cars and people are moving about on campus purposefully. There is a lot of laughter. You can smell the charcoal grill heating up. Little clusters of people have taken over every space on the campus, converting each room, each area to a unique theme. It happens each year at MCC. It's the Noah's Half Day Camp set-up day.
The clothes line in front of the sanctuary doors says it all. This camp has been going on longer than any single pastor's tenure. It has major cache in the community as being a safe and healthy place for kids to go for a week. The music is loud. The games are wild. Each day swells with more kids. Adults who do not attend the church show up to volunteer because it is a camp their own children went to.
It's labor intensive. It consumes the entire staff. It leaves a huge mess. But it tells the story of Jesus creatively and clearly. What a fun place to pastor!


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