Friday, August 26, 2011

Scared All the Time?

I was cruising channels last evening and came across CNN. The meteorologist had a graphic behind him of a totally flooded New York City. This graphic could twist and turn, zoom in or zoom away. Not a drop of rain has fallen yet and Hurricane Irene could be a very serious storm for New York City......but flooded now?
The point? Fear and followers. The way news presents topics maximizes fear and anxiety, keeping us glued to the sets through the commercial breaks, making lots of money! Fear sells, safety doesn't.
When we first got cable TV (and now satellite) I found myself regularly checking out the Weather Channel for video clips of where the storms were. And in doing so, I would get myself nervous where no storms threatened me at all. I would worry about those in harm's way in Oklahoma or Tennessee.
Today I was talking to a friend from the East Coast who told me a story about his daughter who teaches Elementary School. She said her children are frightened most of the time because of the Weather Channel. Her school asks parents to not let their children watch the Weather Channel because it creates such fear and anxiety.
What we allow into our heads does make a difference. Then I read Thomas a Kempis for devotions this morning and he said in 1420 "If you avoid unnecessary talk and aimless visits, listening to news and gossip, you will find plenty of suitable time to spend in meditation on holy things."


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