Thursday, August 04, 2011

VBS Reflections

1. 8 year old boys are always running

2. There is never enough lemonade

3. 8 year old boys are always running into other 8 year old boys

4. Craft time crosses can turn into excellent swords

5. Music that can be jumped to is preferred at all times

6. 5 year olds know how to look in awe

7. All adults are your friends

8. Water games have only one objective

9. Bible memory is much more fun with rap and sunglasses

10. Quiet times do work….they get the story of Jesus

11. I still can’t clap in time to the music

12. It’s a time when teen helpers and adult leaders really, really get along

13. Pastoral leadership means a lot of smiling, high fives, and not much talking or teaching

14. Kids take their craft time seriously….they are all artists still

15. They care about missions, especially when it involves other children

16. I need an afternoon nap every day


At 1:10 PM , Blogger Isaac Johnson said...

nice. i liked that. i was reflecting just the other night on how mom used to do the puppets at VBS


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