Saturday, August 27, 2011

When God Asks the Questions

Change is definitely in the air. Most schools are now in session in Santa Barbara. Westmont classes begin this coming Monday. Parent friends of mine have been packing up and driving their children off to schools across the country.
Change is in the air here at MCC also. Beginning this Sunday, the worship schedule will change to 9:00 & 10:30 a.m. If you have friends who worship at MCC and might not get this email, would you remind them of the time change? I hate to see the disappointment on people’s faces when they come to church at the wrong time.
This Sunday, we will be starting a new preaching series titled: When God Asks the Question. In any setting there are all sorts of questions from all sorts of sources. Who asks the question often determines the importance of the question. In a medical setting a doctor’s question is far more important than my question. The questions that God and Jesus ask of people are really important questions. In fact, they are the most important questions that can be asked of us.
Bookmarks will be made available at the Welcome Table on the patio listing all the questions, the text and the date. Pick one up for your own Bible and read ahead.
The question for this Sunday is from Genesis 3:9: “Where are you?” God asks that question to Adam and Eve as they hid in the Garden of Eden. As you prepare for worship on Sunday, reflect on why God asked that question? Didn’t God already know where they were? How does that question work in your life today?
PS The photo above this is one I took of Pablo Picasso's work "Figure" he did in Spain in 1930


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