Thursday, September 01, 2011

Broken Church

The church has so many problems. It is so messed up. I/we are so over the church. These are just a few of the comments I have heard directly or indirectly over the past weeks. A guy I know and am coming to find as a friend sat with me and said how he just couldn't take it any more, not God, but the church. So he stepped away and has no plans for ever coming back again. A couple recently told me that their faith is not about going to a building and sitting in a pew once a week.
When it comes to the litany of complaints about the church, I have to exercise great self-control because being a pastor's son and married to a pastor's daughter and grand-daughter, having a brother who is a pastor and a son who finished seminary (and spent time as a youth pastor) I can see and raise someone on any complaint they have.
So after a particularly long week, I was talking to my good friend in Michigan (another pastor) about my frustration with the church. His response to me was a question: When has the church not been broken? Certainly the disciples under the direct leadership of Jesus did a non-stop messup, bailing out at the end and reluctantly accepting his resurrection. Maybe from Acts 1-4 the church is seen at its vital-best. But then Annanias and Saphira show up in Acts 5 and off we go again.
Several months ago a visitor asked me to use one word only to describe the church I am serving. After some time the word came: recovering. We are a people continually recovering.


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