Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Thank You

She came by at the worst possible time. The church fire alarms, strobe lights and clanging bells were all going off at the same time. None of had the reset buttons and nobody knew quite what to do. We called various people who all gave us good partial advice.

Then she showed up with a bright big smile, carrying a poster. A poster in the middle of a Wednesday afternoon? What was she selling? What group was she promoting? My mind went to all the wrong places

"I'm from the trailer court" she said. "You know, the ones who received all the back packs M-4 gave away. This is from the kids....they wanted to say Thank You."

The bells were still going off and the alarms still screeched. I half-heartedly took the poster back to my office. And it wasn't till the alarm guys silenced the alarms that I had the peace of mind to look at the poster. Bright colors saying "Thank U" from their area. Inside were over a dozen hand-written thank you notes, mostly in Spanish.

M-4 does make a difference.


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