Saturday, October 22, 2011

Do You See This Woman?

I was eating lunch alone today at a local restaurant. Two men across from me were engaged in a spirited conversation that occasionally drifted toward me. One man’s voice was distinctive. I “knew” that voice and slowly recognized his face from a number of older movies I’ve seen. All of a sudden he became “famous” because I linked his face to movies.
I quickly assigned him to a social and economic category. My mind plugged him into a convenient box because of that quick recognition over lunch. The problem was that I could not remember his name!
How easily we see others and rank and rate them by appearance. We can do it with car brands, watches, shoes and jewelry. In the story for Sunday’s text (Luke 7:36-50) Jesus asked a prominent Pharisee, “Do you see this woman?”
So the question I’d like you to begin asking yourself as you get ready for worship Sunday is “How do I see people?” How do you see people you know really well? How do you see newcomers? How do you see old people? How do you see young people?


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