Saturday, October 01, 2011

Matthew 6:27 "Why worry?"

How many times have I preached on "worry" in thirty years? A whole lot of times. It's a favorite topic of pietists I think. We are relationally driven out of our relationship with Christ and then our relationships with each other. Fellowship, community, trust and love are big deals in our tribe in the family of God. Worry? It messes things up a lot. Worry sets us not trusting each other, God and the community (or read organization, institution, denomination).
What's new to say on it? Is it fixable? Are worriers just worriers the rest of their life? Is worry a neutral psychological orientation that we should leave well enough alone? Is a propensity to worry like left-handedness? Aren't optimists smilers and worries frowners? On the human plane I'm so tempted to not try to preach this because I see so little change. Yet on the other hand, the good news from Jesus in Matthew 6:25-34 demands another go at it.


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