Saturday, October 22, 2011

Santa Barbara Century Ride....mission

In Thomas Friedman's newest book "That Used to be Us" he argues that for USA to regain a competitive edge we must "think like an artisan". That describes people "who made things or provided services with a distinctive touch and flair in which they took personal pride" (p. 137). When I read Friedman I think of his theological ramifications. Doing church the old way does not work. Just getting people into pews is not making disciples. Our busy schedules are not enhanced by more programs. The Kingdom of God is not extended by us talking to ourselves.

Two guys at MCC "get it". They love bicycle riding with a passion. They got inspired to organized a bike race through the hills of Santa Barbara and Carpinteria with proceeds going to a local bike not-for-profit that helps low wage immigrants commute to work and to Sports Outreach that does missions in Africa through sports. What began as a "small" idea blossomed to over 800 riders with two checks of $30,000 each given to the two organizations.

This year MCC became a listed rest stop for bathrooms, water, food, and repairs. All morning long groups of riders stop, rest, eat and visit. MCC members staffed the food and drink stations, welcoming neighbors and friends and offering hospitality to exhausted riders. This is fine and creative mission!


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