Saturday, November 26, 2011

Advent 1 Hope

"Hope" can be such a light and nice word. Hope can be innocuously thrown into a conversation to stop rigorous doubt (e.g. "Oh well, I hope it turns out OK"). Hope can become the language of unrealistic fantasy and wishing. Hope can be the word qualifies my personal interests and desires.
But when pushed, Hope can be brutal and demanding. Do we hope that the congress can address both the deficit, necessary cuts and increased revenues? Do we hope that politicians can learn to work together with wise compromise and abandon vitriolic sound-bites? Do we hope that our investments will rebound and we can face retirement? Do we hope that love can return to the marriage of friends who are locked in long-term conflict?
Biblical hope goes into the darkest corners of life with one flame. It stands against the cavernous fears, dreads and worries and shines. It believes that no matter what, God will show up...God has shown up....God is showing up. Advent hopes!


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