Sunday, November 20, 2011

Welcomed into community

It was listed as a wedding shower, to which I was invited. I'm never invited to wedding showers. That's normally something I've seen Martha and women attend, maybe the groom shows up later. But this, Martha said, was a mixed shower and I was invited.

Sunday afternoon events are not high on my list, naps and football are. But dutifully I drove in the rain to this house filled with college and post-college students. A lot knew me from church, Young Life, and officiating at weddings of their friends. They were genuinely glad to see me (us) at this event. Martha drifted off with art students and I bounced among several conversations.

The food came out (piles of tri-tip, chicken, sausages, guacamole and salads. It was a feats! Looking around, one of the hosting young men said "Pastor Don, would you pray for this?" What an honor! I prayed, we ate, we visited and laughed. Then this same young man got our attention and asked the group (maybe 25-30) to bless this couple and share memories. Wow! These people really love each other. Tears were shed. Laughter echoed through the house. They took turns telling stories about the guy, the girl and the couple for well over an hour.

As they shared, I realized I was invited in to something precious, not as an observer but as a friend. This was a good afternoon!


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