Saturday, November 19, 2011

Christ the King: Mark 5:9

A name is a touchy topic. Just try mispronouncing a young person’s name (or an older person). Most of the time there will be an immediate correction. Many of you have had great fun helping me pronounce the many Spanish names in and around Santa Barbara: Salsipuedes, Los Olivos, Arrellaga, Hermosillo, and the list goes on.
I know that some within our congregation have double-names; a nickname from their youth and their legal name today. I love California casual and our disinclination to use titles, but on certain occasions those titles are important to use: Chief, Officer, Your Honor, Doctor, Coach, President.
Then there is the arena of labeling, diagnosing, and understanding. Names are critically important for finding a remedy for an ache or a funny noise under the hood. Naming helps us respond to certain behaviors. In Genesis 2:19 God brought his newly created animals before the man “to see what he would name them.
In this last sermon on the questions of Jesus, he asked: “What is your name?” in Mark 5:9. How would you answer that?


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