Thursday, December 15, 2011

Church Den: life in community

It wasn't necessarily impressive. It was a hodge-podge gathering of about 40 people with kids sitting on sofas, chairs, the floor. Some of the kids were playing ping-pong while others colored. Lights were low. There were no microphones or screens. Bob played guitar, Allyson played piano and Bruce played flute, and Jon sang along.
There was coffee and cider and cookies. They sang nothing but familiar carols and interspersed them with personal stories about songs, caroling or Christmas. Our confirmation class ended early and we joined in. Around 8 pm some with younger kids needed to leave, confirmation parents picked up kids who needed to do homework, but others lingered, kept singing, talking and hanging out.
One couple turned to me and said, "This is like the church den, where we can just hang out!" I think we discovered something precious!


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