Sunday, December 18, 2011


There are times when church life gets wearily tough; endless meetings, intractable problems, strong personalities, unanticipated events, and the budget struggles.

But today was an "Mmmmmm!" sort of day. The staff hummed. Bob pulled together a brass ensemble and vocal group that sang Christmas carols marvelously. Lisa used her strong voice to sing with the group and lead in a song. Jon led worship and preached a great sermon on God's sovereign freedom. The story at the steps was delightful. A care group lit the fourth candle and one member let me interview her about how this group carried her through the death of her husband and provided a sustaining community. Then Ashely corralled the kids into a sweet "pageant" with angels, shepherds, oxen, Mary & Joseph (maybe a couple Josephs) and wise men decked out finely. We were worshiping at one time instead of two and the congregation delighted seeing each other. Afterward Martha and I were invited to join this fellowship group for lunch and blessings.

It was good to be church today!


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